Sunday, 20 January 2013


For a few weeks now, a fox has been hanging around the Ledgard farmhouse.  Rusty & Tippy were let out of their pen for the night and caught it!  They were very proud!  The chickens are safe! Huzzah!!

Shirley has been very busy making the most of her terrific apricot tree!  We have both made bottles and bottles of jam, and Shirley has stewed, dehydrated and made fruit leathers out of the rest!  The tree hasn't given up it's whole summer load yet! Delish!

This week I have been packing more boxes and removing 'stuff', as well as working. Not too much exciting 'goings on' except for the Southern Right Quilt Show on Saturday morning!  A beautiful display of the talents from this region!  Met the ladies that run the Mt Gambier quilting shop, 'Creatively Sewn', and the Penola shop 'Habit Patch'.  Lovely ladies!  I hope I can make time to get to some classes with them!

Lots to do, lots I want to do, and never enough time!

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