Monday, 4 February 2013


Time is ticking away now!  What seemed ages away is now upon us and the serious packing begins!

In between packing I have been working and plodding around trying to make some sense of organisation to the packing, but I am intrinsically, an unorganised person, taking tangents everytime I embark on one job.  Started today in the living room packing vases and sideboard items, then ran out of packing paper, so switched to the kitchen, got some un-essential items packed and washed up others, which then led me to strip the bed (cat vomited on it last night), and headed off to the laundrette to wash the duvet, loads of washing at home and a pause for a chocolate paddle pop and some computer time.

Catching up with my favourite blogs, my friend and constant inspiration LuciandjoeAli Edwards, and a new one twoandsix.  Just wish I could knit! 

I have also done my One Little Word page for February.  A 'vision' board!  Loads of fun! Took me back to high school, but usually had a pop star involved!

It was our 11th wedding anniversary on Saturday (02/02/02)!  Scott requested delicious red velvet cupcakes for the day and we went out to dinner.  Happy Anniversary Honey! XXX

Meanwhile, more work continues on the house.  Scott has ripped up and re-set the front path and is just trimming the corner brick pieces to finish it.

Shirley brought me a large bag of home grown tomatoes and so I made my favourite relish!  Delish!  Had a lovely (but brief!) visit from Angus and Josie and Angus happily helped me dispose of a jar for his larder.

And on with the packing...........

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