Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Final Countdown

Thanks to my friend Barry for providing me with many giggles and cringes this morning at work!  he posted on facebook, 4 videos including the original version of 'The Final Countdown' by Europe!

The funniest was the 'Kazookeylele - Ukulele' version of the final countdown, and the cringeworthy one was the 'worst cover ever' of the final countdown!  The orchestral & cello version was rather good though!  I recommend looking them up on YouTube, particularly if you are an 80's era child like me and remember the band Europe!!  Priceless!!

So, it really is the final countdown for Scott and I!  I have 4 more shifts left at work before I go on 4 months of long service leave!  One and a half weeks before the big trucks come to take us away! Lots still to do and many friends to catch up with in the little time left!

The house is a minefield of boxes, and each day I pack a little thing or two more that I think we can live without for a couple of weeks.

Last night Scott and I loaded the chook cage and a big load of garage/shed contents.  Today he dropped them off at Shepherd's way and went to a Bull sale!  One big item moved!  That chook cage is really heavy!

Last Sunday I went to watch a couple of the Whale Boat races on the Hopkins river.  It was a really hot day but a beautiful fresh breeze under the marquee, cheering on our SES boat (Including Bernie Northeast) and Matt Northeast who was rowing for his Rotary team!  Both boats did really well! Here's Edward enjoying the day!

the SES crew in front of the Proudfoots Boathouse

Some of the fruit from my garden is ripening as we speak, such as these beautiful pears!  The pear tree was heavily pruned last year, and I did not hope to get fruit, but a little handful have popped up!  Hopefully we'll get to eat them before we leave!  The crabapple in the front yard will not be ripe, so I may come back and pick them. They make fabulous jelly to go with cheese & biscuits!  The Ballerina apple tree in the back yard is laden, so that will be another job for this weekend.  Might have another go at apple sauce! Mmmmm!

Scott and I had our last day at SES when we attended the first meeting of the year in February.  We are tremendously sorry to have to leave a great team and years of amazing experiences behind us in Warrnambool.  We will drop in whenever we are in Warrnambool on a Tuesday training night!  Thank you to all who wished us well, it was an honour to serve with you all!  Best wishes to Giorgio who is taking over from Scott as our new Controller!

Charlie seems unfazed so far with all the preparations. He is enjoying the supreme pleasure of so many fun boxes about!!
Little does he know that he is about to embark on a three hour car journey (horror!) and totally new territory to conquer with local snakes into the bargain!

Passing the packet cake mix section (I know....shudder!) my eye couldn't go past these Salted Caramel Macarons by Adriano Zumbo!  So, naturally, I gave in to my stomach and I had a go at making these last week.  They were DELISH!!!!!  Next week, passionfruit macaroons!! Drool!

It's a good thing that I'm off work for a while, as my amazing MBT shoes are dying! You can put your hand right through the sole where the spongy rubber used to be and the back strap is wearing out and has to be tapped up with 'sleek' tape to stop it scraping my heels!  They have served me so well for probably over 5 years at least! Like hopping into slippers each day at work! My legs have never been tired after a longgggggg day in theatre!  Fabulous shoes!!

To try to ease the packing of food a little, I am trying to only prepare meals that use up as many freezer/pantry items as possible, and tonight I made 'Jumbleberry Jam'!!  Using 1kg raspberries, 300g of cranberries and 500g of blueberries!  Absolutely to die for!!! There is something so satisfying about making and eating homemade jam!!!

off to bed now to gather my energy so I can continue with the packing another day!!

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