Friday, 4 January 2013

Hot Hot Hot!!

What a scorcher today!! I'm not sure how hot it got to in Warrnambool, but 40 deg seems about average at least!  Poor Sally was getting 45 in Adelaide!  Luckily, I was at work in air-conditioned bliss all day!

Not really a day to get stuck into any packing or strenuous activity, so couch-bound we be!!  I have however, mustered a little strength to play with some photos and do a little 'blog'.

The photo above is beetroot I grew in the last couple of months.  All now pickled and preserved! Yum!!  Sadly, that is the last of my vege garden for Macland Drive. When the weather is a little cooler, I'll cover the sinking beds with my compost and mulch and leave them to the weather and future tenants!  They may find a nice crop of potatoes spring up!

I'll now have to wait till we get settled into Shepherd's Way, and we'll get a new garden up and running!!

This year I have started a couple of 'memory-keeping', scrapbooking projects.  This photo is from an online class called One Little Word by my favourite designer, Ali Edwards  I've picked a word for the year which we then base a monthly project on.  It's a bit more contemplative than some projects, but a little reflection amidst all the craziness of this year will be a valuable thing.  I don't stop often enough and appreciate some of the subtler values in life, or make an effort to change some of my behaviours to make the most of this life! Enough said.  You'll see how it progresses throughout the year!

Also returning is Project Life, by Becky Higgins.  I first did this big project in 2009.  I took a photo a day (well, almost!) ALL year, and simply slipped the photos into a page protector from Becky's kit and added a little journalling to go with the photos.  End result was a great document of a snapshot year in my life!  This year I'll be a little less strict with myself and a little more 'artistic'.  My One Little Word is 'create', so I'm creating projects and memories with these two projects!  I'll try to post the finished pages as I go.  I love losing myself in the 'cutting & pasting' as Bernie would put it!  Very therapeutic!

Back to packing boxes I go!  The removalist is booked!  It's starting to feel official!!!

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