Monday, 14 January 2013


Hello my fabulous friends and family!

I hope everyone remains safe and secure from the fires that continue to torment our sunny country?!  Mum & dad had a close shave near Yass, bags packed and valuables stashed ready for a rapid departure!  Luckily twas not needed and they, cats and valuables remain first 'Phew' of the week!

Second 'phew', goes out to my friends in Alice, who have been suffering a temp no lower than 40deg EVERY day!!  Must be some sort of record?!  More incentive to come and visit the Mexicans in Victoria!!!

Scott is tasting a bit of the 'warmer' climes up in Queensland as we speak!  Today he felt the bite of a 47deg day!  He's visiting our friend Rudelle at the station she works at for 10 days, near Clermont ! I'd love to be with them and see what station life is like!  It's nice though, to make sure Rudelle is happy and in a good situation at Narrien Station!  She's blossoming so far, and she speaks very highly of the family running it.  I'm looking forward to hearing all Scott's news!  Scott deserves a 'Phew' for today too!

I hope you haven't just eaten?  My next 'Phew' was my succumbing to gastro on Friday.......:(
Not pretty, not good......really not fun!!  I haven't felt so unwell since Bush was in the top job!
Enough said about that!!

This week, when I wasn't lolling about my bed racked with nausea, I have been watching the entire series of 'Miranda'.  LOVE her bonkers brain!  I can really relate to her (although I'm nowhere near so clumsy, or tall!), but she cracks me up!  I listened to her talking book on my last drive to Canberra and laughed all the way!  Just my cup of tea!!!!

I'm making more of an effort to read at night (instead of mindless computer mucking about), and am reading 'The Beckoning West' by Eleanor Smith, the story of H.S. Trotman and the Canning Stock Route.  Lent by the Lovely Jo & Mel who were our fabulicious companions on the Canning Stock Route trip through the WA Great Sandy Desert last year! I will return it darlings!!  Nearly done!

One more 'phew' could be allocated to myself for all the cleaning out and sorting and packing I've done!
 Some of my craft room

The January pages of my 'One Little Word' project

 Some photos from around Fala Park Farm on Sunday:


Phew!  Shirley works hard on her garden! Stunning!

A final 'Phew' to my dad, love you xxx

Goodnight all!

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