Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Sheep Work

We have continued with the busy theme and been ploughing through a pile of sheep work lately! Drenching, foot pairing, vaccinating and treating, crutching, moving and feeding out! Phew! 
Mickey & Cooper have benefitted from the large amount of work and are starting to get the hang of their jobs. A way to go yet but a vast improvement from only a couple of weeks ago!

A local beauty at the new farm! Stunning!

Very cool cloud formation over the new farm!

George & Lewis are doing just fine and are great fun to play with! They've accepted a sick lamb into the yard who follows them around and seems to love the company. Lamby is much improved and we'll move her back to her wooly mates soon! 

Charlie remains tolerant of the day time shenanigans on the farm!
Everyone loves riding on the bike even when it's not going anywhere!

A new shipment of ewes in lamb. Funny to see the red dirt on them! They look positively orange in the paddock!

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