Thursday, 13 March 2014

Busy busy busy!

Good things come to those who wait and last week I was lucky enough to have a few days with my mum at the Port Fairy Folk Festival! 
Many fantastic acts to see and I particularly enjoyed Ash Grunwald, The Good Lovelie, the Stray Sisters, The Pigs (very funny!), Breabach, Altan, Lunasa, Glen Hansard and so much more! 

This week it was straight back into the thick of it. Scanning ewes on Monday and Tuesday. Two of the most tiring and long days. Ewes did not like moving into the scanning set up and we pushed them all up all day! We were wrecked buy the time we got in that night! 
It was rather cool checking out the ultrasound images of tiny baby lambs! There was a couple of heavy passing showers that drenched us, but we soon dried out!
Thursday and Friday have seen us crutching again! 
First time crutching on our new farm. Did I mention we bought our neighbours place that is just over the drain south of us? Beautiful neighbours we are so so sad to see move away (but they're not going far!), and we'll see them often with all the community fun we have!

Mum came over after the Folkie for a few days to see how farm life is going at Shepherds Way. It's been 12months since she last saw it and 12 months since we moved in! We've been working her hard!!
Cooper and Mickey have been coming along in leaps and bounds this week! Working really well in the pens and even moving sheep down the lane! Very proud of them! 
Not much crafting going in this week!!
Righto! Back to work! More crutching to do!

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