Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Two and a half years!

The new 2015-2016 Stampin' Up! Catalogue!  Very excitin!
Not many posts for 2.5 years at our 'new' farm! Never mind!  I've been busily posting on my Facebook Page (link in the column to the right) and busily making cards and working on the farm.  Winter lets us slow down a bit, but there's always things to be done! 

There is a lot of progress with our new fencing!  Woolshed yards are being 'tweaked' to help the whole space flow and hold stock more securely, paddocks are being rearranged and beginnings of lane ways are popping up!  It's very exciting! 

There have been accidents, wonderful visitors, a wedding, special birthdays, first day at school, first lost tooth, rose gardens, field days, crochet lessons, epic trips, girls weekends, crafting, cooking and working!

Our nieces and Goddaughters are growing up and we are very blessed to spend rare visits with them all.  It's never enough but a treasured time when we do manage it!

Lots more always happening and too much to talk about, so here's some pictures instead! I can't seem to control where they are going at the moment, so they are a bit randomly placed!
My FAVOURITE band in the whole world is releasing their new album VERY soon! 
The new album cover - 'Paper Gods'
We lost our gorgeous Jonathon Crombie
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Mickey & Me

We've finished calving
We raised 4 poddy calves. Mike, Hank, Walter & Jessie.  This is Hank

and finished lambing
Husband broke his leg in March.
Dinner time
Flinders Ranges.  On the way home from our trip across the Simpson desert!
The repair job 

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