Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Christmas Preparations?!

How time flies when you are sick!  We did indeed both tumble down with the flu and nasty colds that kept us both very sad for over a month!  Scott was particularly bad with an awful flu virus, and I've only seen him this sick once before!  Dreadful and yet we had work to do.  Sheep do require treatment, crutching, drafting, and more.....

The last couple of months have also seen very little rain for these parts, and once we started shearing, the rain came just enough to wet a few mobs and delay us. Shearing of the merinos is done and today it rained and hailed....a little, however, I can't complain, beggars can't be choosers!

So while we have struggled through a few weeks of sickness, we did manage a little trip to Melbourne for Scott's university reunion (fabulous blokes and their girls!) and stayed at the gorgeous Langham.  I could get used to that!

On the Stampin' Up! front, I have been lacking the energy to sit up at my desk till recently (colds do not = creativity), but with a little bit of inclement weather and a couple of days off, I'm catching up bit by bit.  Two workshops in the pipeline where I get to showcase the amazing Holiday catalogue products!  It does feel like an early start, and I'm certainly one who complains about Christmas products appearing in the shops too early, but if I don't get organised now, my customers won't get organised before Christmas and all of a sudden, I go to make some cards and it's already mid December!  Not this year!  Plus, Stampin' Up! have simply hundreds of decorating and gift ideas!  I've picked a colour scheme and will make some lovely table decorations for the family to enjoy using the 'All is Calm' designer series paper!

Here's some photos of the farm life lately......

Scones are always welcome!

As is a feed of yummo hay! 

Scott made this awesome fire pit from our old gas cylinder!  Super sturdy and perfect size! It works a treat!

Moving sheep

I found a very old bone down the paddock and gave it to Cooper.  He thought it was pretty great even though it was the same size as him!

Mickey had a chew too!

Mickey & Cooper...."just looking ma!'

The woolshed entrance was rotting and unsafe.  Scott and Stuart are pulling it down and will replace with a shiny new one!

Workers Moss and Mickey

L to R - Agatha, Lewis and George.  My boys are very big now!

Spring has sprung but not delivered too much rain!

Charlie continues to find peace with the world

Usually afraid of the mower, Mickey decided to jump up and do a few rounds of the lawn with me!

More woolshed improvements!  The loading ramp had so many holes in it, it was easier to pull the whole thing out and replace with concrete.

Foundations for the new entrance

At the Royal Adelaide Show I was a very proud Godmother! Emma made delicious coconut ice & Hamish got a first prize for his muffins!  Awesome job!

Looking good!

Working with lambs

Naughty!!!! Lewis has found a way to break into my garden (I still don't know where he's getting in!), so there are a few plants getting nibbled and a few heavy footprints around the garden!!  The roses are getting a trim here in my herb garden!!!  Since this photo was taken, he was breaking in 2-4 times a day, and is happily put back in his paddock by following me for calf pellet treats.  Yesterday we moved the motley crew to the ram paddock, hopefully no more break-ins!

Lamby is fat and doing fine! Put her face to mine the other day and sniffed my nose.  Very cute!

Cleaning up some lambs bottoms before sale.  Both John and Scott decided they don't want to be shearers.
 I'm also set to attend my first market as a stall holder at the Mt Gambier Twilight Artists Market on 28th November!  Not only a chance to sell some of my work, but a chance to branch out to members of the community of crafters and get a little creative myself!  Nervous, but hopefully it will be fun!
Making up some Christmas card samples with the Holiday Catalogue from Stampin' Up! Love the 'Festival of Trees' stamp set
Playing with the Stampin' Up! clay.  Very light and easy to work with, plus it air-dries overnight so nothing fancy to do to create a gorgeous Christmas decoration!

Cheers for now!  Happy crafting!

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