Friday, 1 March 2013

Shepherd's Way

It's official!  We are now the owners of our 2nd beautiful farm in South Australia!  I'm still home packing boxes and organising things, but everyone else managed to be there for some part of the day to acknowledge the occasion!

I have said my farewell's at work.  I had an amazing day and and carried a very 'stiff upper lip' to get me through the day.  The girls turned on the most incredible afternoon tea for me, the tables stretching across the tea room!  I was so very impressed with the creations and was blown away by the effort of all involved!!  Delish!!!  For more details on the day and other funny photos, please apply to me personally (for limited eyes only, nothing dodgy, but not for public viewing)

I will 'be back' sometime in July to work a little, but it won't be the same.  Leaving our home for the first time in 13 years is exciting but also very sad in a way.  This was the home I came to when I moved here to be with my 'boyfriend' in 1999!  We've done a lot and lived a lot under this roof and in this town.  My 'boyfriend' turned out to be an incredibly gorgeous husband, and we found some wonderful people at work and serving the community who we are proud to call our dear friends.

We hope everyone will come and visit us!  Remember, we are not really far away and we will see you all as we pass back and forth between Warrnambool and Shepherd's Way.


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